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There are many grades of semolina that correspond to different thicknesses from fine to coarse. This is when the dough will start to thicken up. Make sure to keep stirring to make sure the cheese completely dissolves into the semolina dough. This will help preserve the intense flavor of the waters. Since the dough is hot, I recommend using silicone baking mats instead. Once you transfer the dough to the baking mats, use your fingers to carefully open the dough into a rectangular shape. Then use a rolling pin to continue rolling the dough out into a thin rectangular sheet.

Line the bottom edge of the halawet al jiben dough with qashta and carefully roll the dough around the qashta to form a cylinder. Cut the cylinder and continue filling rows of qashta until you run out of dough. Cut the cylinders into individual portions. No need to use all of it. There are no words to articulate how delicious, decadent, and versatile qashta is. You typically see it used in Arabic desserts, but in Aleppo, they even have it for breakfast because why not?

One of my favorite breakfasts in Aleppo was zlebiye paper-thin fried dough stuffed with qashta topped with cinnamon sugar and chopped Aleppan pistachios. This is not the kind of breakfast you have every day. Side note about zlebiye: the zlebiye in Aleppo is very different than the zlebiye anywhere else in the Middle East. Most zlebiye are prepared by frying relatively thick pieces of dough, but in Aleppo, the zlebiye is paper-thin. So thin you can read through it. I never met anyone who makes this version at home, even in Aleppo.

I used to buy my zlebiye from Halawiyat Diab, a popular sweet shop close to my apartment in Aleppo. After months of asking begging, one of the bakers shared the recipe with me.

Easy DIY Chocolate and Lemon Truffles with Young Living!

All I have to remember zlebiye by is my memory and this behind-the-scene video I shot at Halawiyat Diab in My mouth waters every time. You can also use qashta to take desserts you already know and love to the next level: think waffles topped with qashta or qashta French toast! The good news is that qashta is incredibly easy to make and only requires four ingredients: whole milk, vinegar, cornstarch, and orange blossom water. This recipe uses milk twice.

The first one is for clotting.

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The acid in the vinegar will clot the protein in the milk. The purpose of the vinegar is to separate the curds from the whey. Some recipes online call for lemon juice, but the acidity level of lemons can vary, so I stick to simple white vinegar for a more consistent result. You can turn off the heat at this point and stir gently. The clotted curds will form the foundation for the qashta. To make the curds creamy, we next need to prepare a rich base. The rich base is made up of whole milk thickened with cornstarch.


Once the cornstarch is dissolved, transfer it to a sauce pan over medium heat. The milk base will be fully thickened once the milk begins to simmer. Once the milk comes to a simmer, test the thickness by running your finger along the backside of your wooden spoon. It should be thick enough to form a streak down the back of the spoon.

Lemon Truffles 2 - Some Mistletoe, A Miracle & A Blessing (The Chocolate Chronicles)

The qashta comes together by mixing the clotted curds from the first step with the creamy base we just made. Break apart the curds with the back of your wooden spoon in order to incorporate them into the creamy base. Depending on how long the clotted curds sat out, this may require more work. If the clotted curds are not coming apart, a hand mixer can make the job easier. Note: Qashta or clotted cream is not generally sweetened because it gets incorporated into Arabic desserts that are already sweetened. If you plan on eating qashta as a snack or incorporating it into non-traditional desserts, I recommend sweetening it with a little sugar while mixing the cornstarch with the milk or topping the finished qashta with honey or simple syrup.

Like all immigrants, when my grandparents moved from Syria to Venezuela in the late s, they brought a piece of Aleppo with them. To this day, I associate the scent of fresh mint with my grandmother, Marine, Allah yerhama may God rest her soul. As kids, we used to play around her vegetable and herb garden in Venezuela. My grandmother grew a disproportionate amount of mint. I would occasionally pluck a couple leaves, rub them between my fingers, and press them up to my nose. The scent of fresh mint always reminds me of her. Through food, music, herb gardens, and traditions, immigrants forge familiar identities in a new home.

Pomegranate molasses was difficult to find in Venezuela, so my grandmothers often used tamarind paste to recreate that sweet and tangy flavor profile. Lebanese immigrants in Mexico paved the way for tacos al pastor , a twist on the classic shawarma sandwiches known throughout the Middle East. Substitutions make it possible to keep traditions alive.

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Each substitution or spin on a recipe forges a new identity. The Middle East is full of these variances. Each recipe carries with it the history of its ancestors. The recipes on my blog represent a snapshot in time. The origin of kleejah appears to be somewhere in Iraq. My maternal grandmother, Muna, makes amazing kleejah.

Chocolate Walnut Truffle Cake | TastingSpoons

She lives in Venezuela. Kleejah, at least the one from my childhood, is somewhere between a cookie and a bread. Some bakeries in Aleppo prepare kleejah as a cookie, while other make a chewier variation, similar to brioche. The dough is seasoned with a variety of fragrant spices such as cinnamon, cloves, fennel, anise seed, nutmeg, mahlab, and nigella seeds.

The kleeja from Iraq is different. Oh my! We made a double batch of this chocolate ganache and turned it into truffles and our imaginations went crazy.

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I followed the directions and placed it in the refrigerator. The next day we rolled the mixture into truffles. We made some plain and rolled them in cocoa. Then we divided the ganache into several different bowls and changed the flavor: A little orange zest and Grand Marnier and rolled in cocoa, rum and rolled in finely chopped pecans, macadamia nuts and rolled in coconut, brandy and rolled in walnuts, Frangelico and rolled in hazelnuts and Chambord and rolled in powdered sugar.

Now we can't decide which one we like best. This recipe is a keeper.

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Chocolate Ganache

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