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Given that the body has been historically crossed by different devices, practices, knowledge, models and concepts, and also given that such process has taken place in the context of different institutions, this article delves into this question in the case of Argentinean educational institutions. This analysis is focused on those practices, knowledge and effects that can be found in the re configuration of male and female bodies, centered around physical education.

Studying coeducational physical education classes has revealed the markedly asymmetrical and unequal power relations serve to construct a specific form of masculinity and a specific form of femininity. De este modo en la Argentina, una vez sancionada la Ley 1. Los ejercicios militares marchas, contramarchas, movimientos uniformes de flanco, media vuelta, alineaciones, posiciones fundamentales etc. Las mujeres quedaron excluidas de tales actividades. En el caso de los chicos, su meta consiste en desarrollar la fuerza, en el caso de las chicas, en suscitar encantos" Rousseau, , p.

Y sus dichos se cumplieron al pie de la letra a partir de dicha Ley. Ciertos comportamientos corporales, gestos, actitudes, posiciones, desplazamientos, movimientos, usos corporales, aderezos etc. En este sentido la normativa es un fiel reflejo de ello. En la E. Sin embargo, lo registrado indica ciertas regularidades contrarias a ello.

Representaciones de los docentes. Se mueve como una nena. En ambos casos, posibilitando e imposibilitando ciertos comportamientos, gestos y actitudes. Por ejemplo, se han identificado las siguientes situaciones reiteradas en las clases mixtas. Por tiempo se entiende las variantes de la amplitud en que se suceden los distintos estadios de una misma cosa o acontece la existencia de cosas distintas en un mismo espacio.

Estas situaciones dan cuenta claramente que los horarios escolares, con sus ritmos y rutinas, se encarnan en forma diferencial. Las consecuencias de dichas representaciones convierten a lo masculino en paradigma de lo neutro y lo humano, siendo lo femenino lo negativo y lo particular. Veamos dos ejemplos:. No hay ninguna que zafe de esto.

No, no les interesa. La telenovela terminaba a las 15 horas, la clase empezaba a las 15 horas y llegaban tarde. En este punto cabe hacer dos reflexiones. En este sentido durante una entrevista un profesor afirma:. Como afirma Connell. Algo similar sucede con respecto a las expectativas de logros, es decir, con lo que los profesores esperan lograr de sus estudiantes.

Las distinciones reproducen las desigualdades y las estigmatizan. A nivel motor que mejoren las experiencias motoras. F Que puedan jugar sin insultarse ni pegarse , que puedan jugar en realidad. F Que se muevan. F En las mujeres, mientras hagan algo. Las veces que hemos hablado hemos apuntado a eso. The hospitalizations occurred in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in The databases obtained in the Information Systems on Mortality and Hospitalization were probabilistically linked.

The following data were calculated for hospitalizations of the elderly that evolved into deaths with a natural cause: concordance percentages, Kappa coefficient, sensitivity, specificity, and the positive predictive value of the primary diagnosis. Deaths related to "ill-defined causes" were assigned to a new cause, which was defined based on the primary diagnosis.

The reliability of the primary diagnosis was good, according to the total percentage of consistency El sistema escolar en sus diferentes niveles, factores que favorecen o frenan su eficacia y medidas de superacion Educational Research. This document is an English-language abstract Approximately 1, words of a study on educational research in Mexico. Chapter one discusses the importance of educational research, in terms of its role both in scientific and technical development; it should use scientific methods so that it will have solid foundations.

Chapter two is a survey of…. Gamma-ray astronomy opened the universe of the more energetic electromagnetic radiation using ground and orbiting instruments, which provide information for the understanding of sources of different types. Ground-based telescope arrays use Cherenkov light produced by the charged particles from extensive air showers generated in the Earth's atmosphere to identify gamma rays.

This imposes a minimum energy threshold on the gamma rays to be detected. Towards the high-energy end of the spectrum, however, the amount of Cherenkov radiation produced by a gamma-ray photon guarantees its detectability, the limiting factor being the low flux of the sources. For this reason, the detection strategy consists in using arrays of small telescopes. In this work, we investigate the feasibility of detecting gamma-ray cascades using Cherenkov telescopes, in the range of GeV to 2 TeV, at the CASLEO site, characterizing the response of a system of three Cherenkov telescopes.

Informe P, 22 de Marzo de To describe the frequency of adverse drugs events ADEs as possible causes of request of drugs not included in national essential Medicines list in Colombia. This was a descriptive study developed in a private medical insurance company in Bogota, Colombia. Data were obtained from drug request form of drugs not included in a national essential Medicines list.

We analyzed the content of the notes to identify the records related to the occurrence of ADEs in the period to Information concerning the adverse event and the drug involved was recorded in a data collection instrument developed by the researchers. We study 3, request forms of drugs not included in a national essential Medicines list. The great majority was cases of light severity The results of this study support the innovative approach of using request form of drug not included in national essential Medicines list to obtain information regarding ADEs in developing countries; recognizing the importance of looking for new sources of report of adverse reactions to diminish the under-notification of ADEs.

Centro National de Documentacion e Informacion Educativa. This document contains the legislation creating the National Committee for Analysis and Evaluation of the Educational System and the final report of that committee's first meeting. The report deals with each level from elementary to higher education.

For each level it describes and considers curriculum, school buildings, human resources, current…. Whenever top-level officials in Latin American and Caribbean educational systems are approached, the topic of inservice teacher training is presented as a major priority. This paper outlines some ideas about the subject of inservice teacher training as a priority of educational systems in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The most frequent…. Often personnel performing managerial functions within educational systems are educators with almost no training in management. This paper presents ideas on how to organize a training activity intended to develop management knowledge and skills among educational systems officials and to implement an organizational self-study on management….

Project C. Four resource units are included in this document. For each, general objectives on knowledge and concepts, skills, and attitudes are given; content is outlined; and some suggestions for initiating the unit are listed. The first unit, on measuring length, provides six lesson plans, to teach about the meter, the smaller units of the meter, units…. World Epidemiology Review, Number Regional Seismology in Argentina. Volponi, F. Acts, Ciayana do Izigenieria, YU.

Facial- tad de Ingenierfa y Ciencias Exactas, Fificas y Naturales , San Juan. Retudie do le. Actividad Sfmuioa do Is. Geopolitical Data Elements and Related Features. Spring Chiarini, M. Vecchio, G. Pedrini, F. The comparisons were made with measurement systems developed for the Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia SIM comparison The comparisons were made with measurement systems developed for the Sistema.

Ferreras2, P. E-mail: mblanco ics. As part…. This is an exploratory non-experimental research study whose main objective is to compare the teaching styles of a group of thirty teachers of English working in either public or private secondary education in Chile. In order to collect the required data, two instruments were administered to the participants: a teaching style inventory and a…. This Spanish-language booklet outlines the requirements of the Child Development Associate CDA credential for preschool teachers or caregivers who work in center-based preschool day care programs.

Part 1 provides an overview of the CDA credentialing system and the various options, settings, standards, and stages of the CDA assessment system. This Spanish-language booklet outlines the requirements of the Child Development Associate CDA credential for caregivers working in center-based infant and toddler day care programs. Part 2 explains…. In addition, any picking errors are Tsvetkov, V.

The PCI has been discussed in a number of excellent works. Communism in Italv and France. Pasquino, Gianfranco ed. Il sistema politico italiano. Italr: Laterza, Paterson, W. Foreign Policv-Making in Western Europe. Costa, D. Orgiazzi, G. Cerretto, and V. Pettiti, The Sistema Interamericano de We will be pulled into another round of the arms race that is beyond our capabilities.

Esta tese apresenta um sistema de localizacao baseado exclusivamente em ultrassons, nao necessitando de recorrer a qualquer outra tecnologia. Este sistema de localizacao foi concebido para poder operar em ambientes onde qualquer outra tecnologia nao pode ser utilizada ou o seu uso esta condicionado, como sao exemplo aplicacoes subaquaticas ou ambientes hospitalares. O sistema de localizacao proposto faz uso de uma rede de farois fixos permitindo que estacoes moveis se localizem.

Devido a necessidade de transmissao de dados e medicao de distancias foi desenvolvido um pulso de ultrassons robusto a ecos que permite realizar ambas as tarefas com sucesso. O sistema de localizacao permite que as estacoes moveis se localizem escutando apenas a informacao em pulsos de ultrassons enviados pelos farois usando para tal um algoritmo baseado em diferencas de tempo de chegada. Desta forma a privacidade dos utilizadores e garantida e o sistema torna-se completamente independente do numero de utilizadores.

Por forma a facilitar a implementacao da rede de farois apenas sera necessario determinar manualmente a posicao de alguns dos farois, designados por farois ancora. Estes irao permitir que os restantes farois, completamente autonomos, se possam localizar atraves de um algoritmo iterativo de localizacao baseado na minimizacao de uma funcao de custo.

Para que este sistema possa funcionar como previsto sera necessario que os farois possam sincronizar os seus relogios e medir a distancia entre eles. Para tal, esta tese propoe um protocolo de sincronizacao de relogio que permite tambem obter as medidas de distancia entre os farois trocando somente tres mensagens de ultrassons. Adicionalmente, o sistema de localizacao permite que farois danificados possam ser substituidos sem comprometer a operabilidade da rede reduzindo a complexidade na manutencao. Para alem do mencionado, foi igualmente implementado um simulador de ultrassons para ambientes fechados, o qual provou ser bastante.

This model International Developments in Computer Science. A useful companion to the directory is another publication of the Data News: A bimonthly industry newsletter. Delta: Publication of local users group; Spanish. Life-cycle optimization model for distributed generation in buildings. O setor da construcao e responsavel por uma grande parte do consumo de energia e emissoes na Uniao Europeia.

A Geracao Distribuida GD de energia, nomeadamente atraves de sistemas de cogeracao e tecnologias solares, representa um papel importante no futuro energetico deste setor. A otimizacao do funcionamento dos sistemas de cogeracao e uma tarefa complexa, devido as diversas variaveis em jogo, designadamente: os diferentes tipos de necessidades energeticas eletricidade, aquecimento e arrefecimento , os precos dinamicos dos combustiveis gas natural e da eletricidade, e os custos fixos e variaveis dos diferentes sistemas de GD.

Tal torna-se mais complexo considerando a natureza flutuante das tecnologias solares termicas e fotovoltaicas. Ao mesmo tempo, a liberalizacao do mercado da eletricidade permite exportar para a rede, a electricidade gerada localmente. Adicionalmente, a operacao estrategica de um sistema de GD deve atender aos quadros politicos nacionais, se tiver como objetivo beneficiar de tais regimes.

Alem disso, considerando os elevados impactes ambientais do setor da construcao, qualquer avaliacao energetica de edificios rigorosa deve tambem integrar aspetos ambientais, utilizando uma abordagem de Ciclo de Vida CV. Uma avaliacao de Ciclo de Vida ACV completa de um sistema de GD deve incluir as fases relativas a operacao e construcao do sistema , bem como os impactes associados a producao dos combustiveis. Foram analisadas as emissoes da producao de GN, as quais variam de acordo com a origem, tipo convencional ou nao-convencional , e estado na forma de GN Liquefeito GNL ou gas.

Do mesmo modo, o impacte dos sistemas solares e afetado pela meteorologia e radiacao solar, de acordo com a sua localizacao geografica. Sendo assim, uma avaliacao adequada dos sistemas de GD exige um modelo de ACV adequado a localizacao geografica Portugal , integrando tambem a producao de combustivel GN , tendo em conta as suas diferentes fontes de abastecimento. Energy projects in the Dominican Republic : Foreign trip report, May , Interviews with Asociacion management, local vendors and others involved in dissemination of small energy systems in the rural areas in the Dominican Republic, were held over a one week period.

The terms of the project were discussed at length, concerns noted and an agreement was reached on a number of key items.

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A strategy and schedule were determined. We expand and provide new chaetotaxy. New scanning electron microscopy images showing microstructural details of adults and eggs of G. Sexual dimorphism was mainly shown by differences in body size and abdominal chaetotaxy, with females being Significant differences between males and females were also observed in sternal plate measurements.

Features described here show homogeneity within type host population. This information contributes to our knowledge of intra- and inter-specific variability for parasite populations. Our investigation constitutes the first collection of G. The Venus transit in June was the first one to be observed on a truly international scale: almost astronomers followed this rare celestial event e. Wulff , p. The present paper deals with the astronomical observatories built by the Society of Jesus in its eighteenth century " Provincia Austriae", at which the transit could be observed.

Five Jesuit observatories are being presented in this context: three in today's Austria, namely, two in Vienna and one in Graz; one in Trnava in today's Slovakia and one in Cluj in today's Romania. Thereafter, we briefly examine which of these observatories submitted any Venus transit observations for publication in the appendix to Maximilian Hell's "Ephemerides astronomicae ad meridianum Vindobonensem" for the year Time spent communicating can represent a degradation of Guide, 3rd ed.

Voting Systems for Environmental Decisions. Voting systems aggregate preferences efficiently and are often used for deciding conservation priorities. Desirable characteristics of voting systems include transitivity, completeness, and Pareto optimality, among others.


Voting systems that are common and potentially useful for environmental decision making include simple majority, approval, and preferential voting. Unfortunately, no voting system can guarantee an outcome, while also satisfying a range of very reasonable performance criteria. Furthermore, voting methods may be manipulated by decision makers and strategic voters if they have knowledge of the voting patterns and alliances of others in the voting populations.

The difficult properties of voting systems arise in routine decision making when there are multiple criteria and management alternatives. Because each method has flaws, we do not endorse one method. Instead, we urge organizers to be transparent about the properties of proposed voting systems and to offer participants the opportunity to approve the voting system as part of the ground rules for operation of a group. SIB health psychology in Brazil: The challenges for working in public health settings.

Considering the diversity of theoretical approaches and settings for psychological practice, this editorial provides a background for the articles that have been included in this special issue concerning health psychology in the context of the Brazilian Unified Health System Sistema Unico de Saude.

Por qué se realiza

We addressed issues concerning the national curricular outline for undergraduate training in psychology and historical data on the social movements that led to the creation of the Sistema Unico de Saude and the Psychiatric Reform which created an important area for psychological work absorbing a considerable number of psychologists. Medina, LJ. Buoro, G. Pavesi and G. Calcanis and A D51 N. Land subsidence caused by groundwater exploitation in Suzhou City, China. The New System for Success.

The most ambitious of music teachers seek not only to educate their students about notes and chords, but also to instill in them the transcendent joy of making music. That joy is abundant in Venezuela, where the El Sistema national music education program has been a boon to the country's cultural growth and has created a climate of positive social…. Guide to Canadian Aerospace Related Industries,. The project known as Sistema Brasiliero de Telecomunicacoes por Satelite. Phase 1. Paris Mr. Kevin D. Paulson Mr. Michael 0. PetreaGud Sistemas. By means of. Examining the benefits of learning based on an audience response system when confronting emergency situations.

This article presents an empirical study on the effectiveness of the use of an audience response system called SIstema De Respuesta inmediata de la Audiencia on a nursing course. A total of students of mixed gender, age, and computer experience and educational background on a third-year course in nursing administration and management participated in the study. The benefits of an audience response system as regards learning how to confront emergency situations were studied. The innovative aspect of the proposal is twofold: 1 the use of a smartphone to respond to the questions and 2 the analysis of the students' response time when confronting critical situations while managing nursing resources.

A positive impact on the students' performance was revealed in their final assessments. Our findings show that SIstema De Respuesta inmediata de la Audiencia increases student participation and aids in identifying and correcting misconceptions. The students found SIstema De Respuesta inmediata de la Audiencia to be very motivating and wanted it to be used in additional lectures.

Further research is required to study the effectiveness of SIstema De Respuesta inmediata de la Audiencia for it to be widely used in other disciplines. Dome The preliminary design of the dome was handled by M3 US. A Brazilian firm, Equatorial Sistemas led the Programa de conservacion para aves migratorias neotropicales.

Mas de especies de aves terrestres migran a Norte America durante la epoca reproductiva para aprovechar los sistemas templados. No obstante, las aves migratorias neotropicales pasan la mayor parte de su ciclo de vida en los habitat tropicales y subtropicales de paises latinoamericanos y caribefios donde viven en una asociacion cercana con las aves residentes.

This article presents results from a qualitative study on how the Honduran secondary education programme, " Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial" SAT , attempts to "undo gender" Deutsch by encouraging students to rethink gender relations in their everyday lives in a way that reflects their increased consciousness of…. Esta es la primera de una serie de guias de aplicaciones que el Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL esta comisionando para acoplar sistemas comerciales renovables con aplicaciones rurales, incluyendo agua, escuelas rurales y micro empresas.

La guia esta complementada por las actividades de desarrollo del Programa de Energia de Villas de NREL, proyectos pilotos internacionales y programas de visitas profesionales. The frequency output of the H-maser is fed to a high-accuracy phase micro -stepper namely an The Chilean national learning outcome assessment system Sistema de Medicion de Calidad de la Educacion, SIMCE has carried out census-based assessments since and publishes the results at both the national and school levels. During its 20 years of existence, SIMCE has experienced changes in its institutional framework, objectives,….

Theory and practice of solving ordinary differential equations ODEs. The author concentrated on the Runge--Kutta method of solving differential equations because its details are simple and it is illustrative of classical perturbation and asymptotic methods. July 28, Spleen and Lymphatic System. In this use a site is hacked so as to distribute malware to Chen et al. Brust, Vir V. Quejas a Web. Sistemas de aco galvanizado pre-pintado em banda a base de poliester e poliuretano foram submetidos a um processo de polimerizacao por plasma onde um filme fino foi depositado de modo a modificar as propriedades de superficie.

Foram usados reactores de catodo oco, microondas e radio frequencia para a deposicao do polimero fino. Os sistemas preparados foram analisados de modo a verificar a influencia do processo de polimerizacao por plasma na alteracao das propriedades barreira dos sistemas pre-pintados em banda. Foi estudado o efeito dos diferentes passos do processo de polimerizacao por plasma, bem como o efeito de diferentes variaveis operatorias. A mistura precursora foi variada de modo a modificar as propriedades da superficie de modo a poder vir a obter maior hidrofobicidade, maior resistencia a marcas digitais, bem como maior facilidade de limpeza.

Os testes foram conduzidos em solucao de NaCl 0,5 M. Para o trabalho foram usadas tecnicas de analise da morfologia da superficie como Microscopia de Forca Atomica e Microscopia Electronica de Varrimento. As propriedades electroquimicas dos sistemas foram estudadas por Espectroscopia de Impedancia Electroquimica.

A estrutura dos filmes gerados no processo de polimerizacao por plasma foi caracterizada por Microscopia de Transmissao Electronica. A modificacao das propriedades opticas devido ao processo de polimerizacao por plasma foi tambem obtida. Reports on the impact on malnutrition of Mexico's Sistema de Alementacion Mexicana SAM program, which tried to make the country self-sufficient in basic foods. Concludes that the food problem in Mexico is not so much one of production as it is a problem of distribution and consumption. Frank Middelburg La noticia de la desaparicion de Frank Middelburg, en el dia 15 de Noviembre de , conmovio a tode el mundo astronomico con un sentimiento especial de tristeza.

Frank no solo era un experto reconocido en el campo de procesamiento de imagen y un ingeniero de sistemas altamente respetado, tambien era un preciado amigo y colega. Guanophilic fungi in three caves of southwestern Puerto Rico. Fifty species of guanophilic bat guano-loving fungi were isolated from field-collected samples within three caves in south-western Puerto Rico; most were mitosporic fungi 23 species.

Education Policy Analysis Archives, Numbers Ruano ; 24 "'Alexander v. Sandoval': A…. The present study intends to measure the effect of the parental involvement style perceived by fourth-grade students on their Language and Mathematics performance. Internacional, Ltd. In January , the Group released a companion to the electricity report, the.

Space and U. A Net Assessment. This included not only a spacewalk by a Chinese astronaut, but also a companion satellite. China demonstrated the ability to release Thus far, one satellite. The question whether the stored coal reserves should be used for additional peak times of power After the.

Kirk, BNL, described have the same or larger impact on accelerators of the 21st the. The Voroshilov Lectures.


Materials from the Soviet General Staff Academy. Volume 1. Issues of Soviet Military Strategy,. In addition, a It was. Mexico and the Future. Stein and G. Vitali, Sulla condizione di chiusura di un sistema Develop a detailed but efficient functional In a companion poster paper entitled in copper, and that copper has.

ISSN Trakhtenbrot, B. Profile Specification Documents A Profile Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Volume IV. Northern Coastal Region of 4 the Directorate of Engineering and Systems Direccion de Ingenieria y Sistemas , which is responsible for maintenance of the. Actualmente se han detectado planetas alrededor de estrellas de Secuencia Principal, incluyendo 12 sistemas planetarios, cada uno con dos o tres miembros. In this article I suggest that SINEM--the Costa Rican version of Venezuela's El Sistema --articulates a development discourse which legitimates neoliberal policies that govern the twenty-first-century international market, in which Costa Rica figures only as a subaltern.

I contend that such articulation contributes to perpetuating notions and…. Air Force, Washington, D. Teoria si constructia sistemelor optice [in Romanian]. Bucuresti, Tehnica, , p. Sistema chastits. Tomsk, , p. Galeyev, A. Fundamentals of plasma physics. A partir da tomografia Doppler obtivemos perfis de emissividade radial para o disco tanto para a linha de Ha como para HeI. Local probe studies on lattice distortions and electronic correlations in manganites.

Nesta tese apresenta-se um estudo experimental das distorcoes locais e correlacoes electronicas em oxidos magneticos com magnetoresistencia colossal. Desta forma, foi possivel estudar a natureza microscopica das distorcoes polaronicas. Foi dada especial atencao ao composto com composicao LaMnO3.

O estudo revelou que agregados de distorcoes locais sobrevivem ate K, na fase de estrutura media mais simetrica romboedrica , onde, por simetria, os octaedros MnO6 deveriam ser regulares. Estas distorcoes sao semelhantes as observadas no sistema LaMnO3 onde os octaedros MnO6 apresentam uma distorcao Jahn-Teller colectiva. Com a diminuicao da temperatura observa-se um aumento continuo destes agregados. Abaixo de uma temperatura critica estas distorcoes relaxam acomodando-se numa estrutura com reduzidas distorcoes Jahn-teller.

Verificou-se tambem que a transicao estrutural macroscopica pode ser entendida como uma transicao de percolacao dos ambientes microscopicos. E apresentado o primeiro estudo de gradiente de campo. Apresentamos as solu. A adicao de P2O5, TiO2 e ZrO2 ao sistema Li2O-K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 como agentes nucleantes revelou que os vidros contendo apresentaram cristalizacao em volume, com a formacao de metassilicato de litio a temperaturas mais baixas e dissilicato de litio para as temperaturas mais elevadas, enquanto a adicao de zirconia reduz o grau de segregacao, aumenta a polimerizacao da matriz vitrea e desloca o valor de Tg para temperaturas superiores, inibindo a cristalizacao.

A new derived and highly polymorphic chromosomal race of Liolaemus monticola Iguanidae from the 'Norte Chico' of Chile. A multiple Robertsonian fission chromosomal race of the Liolaemus monticola complex in Chile is described and is shown to be the most derived and the most complex among the Liolaemus examined thus far.

The 29 karyotyped lizards analysed from the locality of Mina Hierro Viejo, Petorca, Provincia de Valparaiso, Chile, exhibited a diploid chromosomal number ranging from 42 to 44, and several polymorphisms. The polymorphisms included: a pair 1 fission; a pair 2 fission plus a pericentric inversion in one of the fission products, which moved the NOR and satellite from the tip of the long arm of the metacentric 2 to the short arm of the fission product; a fission in pair 3; a polymorphism for an enlarged chromosome pair 6; and a polymorphism for a pericentric inversion in pair 7. This population is fixed for a fission of chromosome pair 4.

We have compared these data with other Liolaemus monticola chromosomal races and calculated the Hardy-Weinberg ratios for the polymorphic chromosome pairs in this Multiple-Fission race. Up to now the data exchange between the seismic data centres relied on internet: this however was not an ideal condition for civil protection purposes, since internet reliability is poor. As already presented in the past, the general technical schema of the project has been outlined, data bandwidths and monthly volumes required have been quantified, the common satellite provider has been selected and the hardware has been purchased and installed.

Right before the end of its financial period, the SeismoSAT project proved to be successful guaranteeing data connection stability between the involved data centres during an internet outage. Implementation of several mathematical algorithms to breast tissue density classification. The accuracy of mammographic abnormality detection methods is strongly dependent on breast tissue characteristics, where a dense breast tissue can hide lesions causing cancer to be detected at later stages. In addition, breast tissue density is widely accepted to be an important risk indicator for the development of breast cancer.

This paper presents the implementation and the performance of different mathematical algorithms designed to standardize the categorization of mammographic images, according to the American College of Radiology classifications. These mathematical techniques are based on intrinsic properties calculations and on comparison with an ideal homogeneous image joint entropy, mutual information, normalized cross correlation and index Q as categorization parameters. The obtained breast classifications were compared with the expert medical diagnostics, showing a good performance.

The implemented algorithms revealed a high potentiality to classify breasts into tissue density categories. Pombal Bastos described the advertisement call of D. Posteriorly, studies uncovered relationships between dominant frequency variation in the advertisement calls of D. However, the acoustic communication in anurans is usually mediated by more than one vocalization type Toledo et al.

Due the importance of call types in the social context of anurans e. In , Mexico transformed its pay-as-you-go social security system to a fully funded system with personal retirement accounts, including management fees. This article examines changes in retirement wealth resulting from this new system. It shows that management fees have drained a significant proportion of individuals' retirement wealth and have increased the number of persons claiming a government-subsidized minimum pension, particularly from the time the system was introduced in until adjustment to management fees in Since , retirement wealth accumulation has been similar to that of the previous system.

Box S8. High pressure ice, Amorphous ice, Molecular struc- tVelikaia prilednikovala sistema stoka Severnol Ev- over the past three years. The work has I SN- it-i H ului-cho - nasurenrenis. Volume 5A. Corrosion: Specific Issues. Publication I, Washington, D. The Canadian Navy has identified the reduction of the total operating cost TOC of new ships as a priority.

The major contributors to the TOC of a El Atlas del Bosque Nacional Carlos Marcelo Aquino. The Commission is aware that Fatah members expressed their disapproval of this activity to the organisers of the football match but is not aware of any pressure being applied directly to the participants.

Given that the Commission is not aware of the validity of the specific allegations contained in the press report, the Commission did not raise this particular issue with the Palestinian Authority. However, the Commission has met multiple stakeholders on the issue of. The Commission does not fund political parties, hence there are no EU funds allocated to Fatah. The Commission funds projects submitted by non-state actors selected through competitive calls for proposals. Can the Commission state whether it is working on any proposals in this regard, on what basis it is working and when these proposals will be ready?

One way to release savings is to promote institutional investors' financing of long-term projects such as economic and social infrastructure, not least as all parties involved benefit if such investors can better match their long-term liabilities with long-term assets. As regards SMEs, the Commission has tabled two proposals to enhance access to finance in the medium and long term. To tackle the problem of long-term financing more systematically, the Commission launched the Green Paper on the long-term financing of the European economy that explores avenues of non-bank financing of long-term projects and SMEs.

Follow-up actions will be considered based on the answers to the consultation questions. The Commission is also contributing to international task forces at the G20 and the OECD to raise government awareness internationally on the importance of long-term financing and the growing role of institutional investors. La estabilidad del sistema financiero es necesaria para facilitar los incentivos adecuados para que los inversores se comprometan a largo plazo.

Can the Commission say what action it has taken or is planning to take in this regard? The first action taken by the Commission to ensure that the financial system is able to channel funds to long-term investment is to complete the reform prpgramme. A stable financial system is necessary in order to provide the right incentives for investors to engage in the long-term. The Commission will analyse the replies received and will ensure an appropriate follow-up.

In particular as concerns the prudential rules for insurers, the implementation of Solvency II is still under discussion between Parliament and Council in relation to the negotiations on the so-called Omnibus II Directive. In that context, EIOPA has recently delivered a report on long-term guarantees that should allow legislators to reach a final compromise on the text. Furthermore, the Commission has asked EIOPA to carry out an analysis of the prudential calibration of investments in infrastructure, securitisation and venture capital.

EIOPA has carried out a public consultation on the issue and is expected to deliver a report to the Commission during the summer. La 9 mai au fost confirmate 33 de decese datorate SARS. The Commission has kept Member States updated as regards the epidemiological situation and discussed possible public health measures with the Health Security Committee. However, persons travelling to the Middle East need to be aware of the presence of MERS-CoV in this geographical area and of the small risk of infection.

Although the reservoir of infection in the Middle East is unknown, other novel coronaviruses are zoonoses and have come from animal sources. Travellers should therefore follow standard good hygiene practise and avoid contact with animals or their waste products. The EU advice will be updated as the situation evolves. This means that the official average arrears rate for this kind of retail mortgage lending is not 4. The tactic used by the banks to keep their official arrears rate down is to put off counting refinanced loans as bad debts. The methodology applied to the figures by the inspectors includes, for example, considering all second refinancing deals as bad debts, unless the client has paid on time for 12 consecutive months.

The Commission is aware of the issue of refinanced loans and their proper accounting in banks' balance sheets in Spain. The exact numerical impact of having revisited the accounting of refinanced loans on provisioning needs and capital position of banks is not yet clear. It should also be noted that the specific banks mentioned in the question revealed a capital surplus in the external stress test conducted in Hence, these banks would not necessarily have to raise capital in case of further provisioning needs.

Also for this reason, it is premature to speculate whether any further disbursement under the financial-sector programme in favour of Spanish banks would be requested or required. Whether refinanced loans should be regarded as impaired is a question of the particular facts and circumstances in each case. ESMA stressed the need for transparency and the importance of appropriate and consistent application of the recognition, measurement and disclosure principles provided within IFRS.

With regard to the Commission decision of In the context of the state aid procedure on IBRC's restructuring, the Irish authorities made a commitment that IBRC would not carry out new business during the wind-down period. However, some restricted lending activities, under strict caps and conditions, were still possible to optimise the work-out of the legacy loan book. The Irish authorities made a commitment that IBRC would manage the legacy assets in accordance with normal commercial practice and fiduciary duties.

In het licht van deze uitspraak wordt de Commissie verzocht de volgende vragen te beantwoorden:. If so, could the Commission clarify how the ECB might be engaged in reframing the proposal? If it cannot, why has the Commission not yet withdrawn its proposal?

The Commission is not aware of an official ECB opinion on its Proposal for a Council Directive implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax COM 71 final. In the relevant impact assessments the Commission services came to the general conclusion that the impact of the FTT, as proposed, on the. The aim is to simplify the current rules on the marketing of seeds in order to safeguard productivity, adaptability and diversity in the agricultural and forestry sectors in Europe and to facilitate trade in seeds.

This is likely to come at a cost, however, since the proposals would appear to use the goal of simplifying rules and safeguarding biodiversity as a pretext to restrict the rights of farmers to replant their own seed. If introduced, the new rules would make it more difficult for small, independent businesses to secure official approval for the varieties they want to market and restrict the circulation and exchanges of seeds among professional organisations and individual growers.

It is also unacceptable that farmers should be required to bear the cost of seed registration and checks, giving them no choice but to use seeds produced by the agri-foodstuffs industry and leaving them dependent not only on the seeds themselves, but also on the slew of chemicals and plant-health products that come with them. But then perhaps this is the whole point of the exercise?

It is worth remembering that plant biodiversity can be safeguarded only by fostering a real partnership between networks of farmers and agronomists who do not look at plants simply as reservoirs of DNA, but rather as living things which evolve over time by adapting to the new conditions in which they find themselves.

The Commission proposals are therefore woefully inadequate. The legislative package currently on the table is troubling for a number of reasons, as emphasised by the fact that even the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO is sounding the alarm. How does the Commission intend to address these legitimate concerns? What is its response to claims that these proposals will throw open the door to the unrestricted marketing of patented plant varieties, some of which are GMOs in disguise?

The future legislation does not cover the production of seed on farm for own use. It only covers the production of seed intended for marketing with the objective to ensure the identity, health and quality of seed for its users. Exchange of seed in kind between non-professionals is excluded. A number of measures are proposed to support preservation of biodiversity and micro-enterprises.

Traditional varieties of listed species are registered under a very light, low-burden administrative regime. Micro-enterprises are exempted from variety registration fees and even can market non-registered plant reproductive material with basic rules on packaging and labelling. The Commission is not aware of any statements of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation in relation to its legislative proposal.

EUR beziffert. Der Kommissionsvorschlag, auf den die Abgeordneten Bezug nehmen, wurde von der Kommission am 7. November vorgelegt KOM endg. Euroopa Parlamendis leiab see meede kindlasti laia toetust. A questo scopo, gli Emirati Arabi Uniti dovrebbero essere inclusi nell'elenco dei paesi i cui cittadini possono entrare nello spazio Schengen senza visto allegato II del regolamento del Consiglio CE n. Gli Emirati Arabi Uniti e l'UE condividono importanti interessi politici e di sicurezza, e gli scambi commerciali e gli investimenti tra gli Emirati Arabi Uniti, da una parte, e l'Unione europea e gli Stati membri dell'UE che non fanno parte dello spazio Schengen, dall'altra, ammontano a 50 miliardi di euro.

Dodici nuovi Stati membri dell'UE andranno ad aggiungersi all'elenco attuale dei paesi europei ai cui cittadini viene rilasciato un visto all'arrivo negli Emirati Arabi Uniti. Sebbene il caso degli Emirati Arabi Uniti vada valutato esclusivamente in base al criterio del merito, il messaggio politico da parte dell'UE avrebbe comunque un impatto considerevole. Dato che gli Emirati Arabi Uniti riuniscono tutti i criteri rilevanti e applicabili per ottenere lo status di cui all'allegato II, si ritiene che sia giunto il momento di agire.

In tale proposta gli Emirati arabi uniti UAE non sono stati inclusi nell'elenco dei paesi da spostare nell'elenco positivo. AAE Predlog, ki ga navajajo poslanke in poslanci, je Komisija objavila 7. The current list of European countries whose nationals are issued a visa upon arrival in the UAE will be extended to include a further 12 EU Member States. Furthermore, negotiations are about to be concluded which, from the end of this year, will exempt UAE citizens from visa requirements when visiting the United Kingdom.


Only one other country in the region Israel is exempted from the Schengen visa requirements, and only two other Islamic countries Brunei and Malaysia are listed. Parliament will certainly give wide support to this measure. How does the Council view the inclusion of the UAE in the ongoing revision of the list of countries whose nationals can access the Schengen area without a visa? In that proposal, the United Arab Emirates UAE have not been included in the list of countries to be transferred to the visa-free list. The proposal has been sent by the Commission to the European Parliament and to the Council and is currently still under examination.

L'altro colegislatore, il Parlamento europeo, non ha ancora reso nota la propria posizione definitiva in proposito. Il progetto di relazione del relatore non conteneva alcuna indicazione al riguardo. Qualora i due colegislatori concordassero nell'esentare i cittadini degli Emirati Arabi Uniti dall'obbligo del visto, la Commissione potrebbe fornire il suo sostegno senza per questo perdere di vista il contesto generale delle relazioni fra gli EAU e l'UE.

How does the Commission view the inclusion of the UAE in the ongoing revision of the list of countries whose nationals can access the Schengen area without a visa? The other co-legislator, the European Parliament, has not yet made known its definitive view on this issue. The rapporteur's draft report did not contain any indication in this regard. Should the UAE not be transferred in the present process, this next review will provide an opportunity to consider the UAE case again, as well as that of other countries in a similar position.

The international Convention and the Optional Protocol thereto, on the basis of which the petition was submitted, is one which Hungary was among the first countries in the world to sign at the beginning of , and as a signatory state was also the first to allow the possibility of proceedings on the basis of an individual petition. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee submitted the petition in My question is this: if Hungary independently either by legislation or via the Hungarian National Bank adopts regulations as soon as possible — which personally I would urge it to do — to the effect that all cash machines used by banks operating in Hungary must comply with uniform accessibility and infrastructure conditions and rules on service provision, does this not violate competition-neutrality between banks operating in the European Union, and does it not make an unjustified distinction between banks and financial institutions operating in Hungary, thus incurring a new risk, that of Treaty infringement proceedings?

In the context of its work on accessibility the Commission is also examining how diverging existing and planned national rules on accessibility of various goods and services, including for example cash machines, can act as obstacles in the internal market, and what should be done about it. This examination is expected to be completed by the end of Currently there is no EU legislation regulating the accessibility of cash machines used by banks. This means that there are no a priori EU requirements for national rules of this type that do exist in various Member States.

If an individual or a company complains to the Commission that a specific national rule would pose an obstacle to the free movement of goods and services in the internal market or cause a distortion of competition, the Commission can initiate its usual examination of such complaints. Die von der EU finanzierten Projekte waren von diesen rechtlichen Entwicklungen bislang nicht betroffen. From this year, biogas plants in Greece are no longer being granted financial aid. In view of the precarious economic situation in this country, withdrawal of aid, in particular for technologies of the future, is difficult to comprehend.

Biogas installations in Greece receive support from the national scheme for electricity from renewable sources. While to the Commission's knowledge there have been no recent changes to the tariff levels and categories, some other legislative measures have affected, but not abolished this support. Nel gennaio Nokia Siemens Networks, il governo italiano e le organizzazioni sindacali hanno firmato un protocollo d'intesa per potenziare i siti di ricerca e sviluppo. Nel tempo trascorso dalla data della precedente interrogazione, la situazione aziendale in genere e quella dei lavoratori non hanno registrato nessun significativo miglioramento nemmeno sul piano della chiarezza di informazioni.

Secondo il Libro verde della Commissione intitolato.

IAF Spanish edition

Since the date of the previous question, the corporate situation in general as well as that of the employees has seen no noticeable improvement, not even as regards the clarity of information provided. However, the Commission has no powers to interfere in discussions between management and workers' representatives or in specific company's decisions but urges them to anticipate skills and training needs within companies and manage restructuring in a socially responsible way.

Following its Green Paper on. The Commission is not in a position to assess the facts or state whether a private company has or has not complied with any national provisions which serve to implement EU directives. A change in those proportions could lead to an increase or a decrease in the number of performed official controls of animal transports.

Before the Commission would consider adopting such implementing measures, it must have better and more comparable data from the Member States regarding the number and outcome of performed inspections. One of the cases involved a walrus which, due to stress caused by limited access to sunlight, died because it had ingested stones.

It has also been reported that one of the dolphins died from eating the paint that was peeling off the walls of the pool. At the same time, it has been reported that the dolphins are periodically given painful endoscopies to remove all kinds of objects from their stomachs, and there have also been reports of overcrowding of animals in the same pool and the limited space they are given. It should therefore be pointed out that such parks play absolutely no part in education or conservation.

On that basis, is the Commission aware of what really happens in these centres? What protective measures does it intend to take in this regard?

Sistema Circulatório - Prof. Paulo Jubilut

Does this park receive subsidies from European funds? The matters raised by the Honourable Member welfare of wild animals held in captivity are a competence of the Member States. The report recommends a review of the Water Framework Directive and the possible impacts that fracking could have, considering a ban on the use of toxic chemicals or, at least, that the exact composition of those chemicals should be disclosed.

Spain has granted fracking permits without carrying out any environmental impact assessments and under the false claim that it will pave the way for radical change in the energy sector. This would therefore automatically be in breach of the Water Framework Directive. Does the Commission believe that fracking is a technology which has been fully developed? Has it been shown to be reliable by independent bodies? Has it been established that there is no risk to people living in the regions where it is carried out?

Colesterol (para Adolecentes) - KidsHealth

What about risks to the environment? Is shale gas a good source of energy for Europe? The extraction of shale gas involves the loss of other natural resources, such as water resources, and clashes with European social values, such as the protection of natural areas. How does the Commission plan to deal with it?

Does it think that profitability takes precedence over the right to a healthy natural environment? Does the Commission plan to place a greater emphasis on environmentally friendly renewable energies? The Commission contacted the Spanish authorities and was informed that projects involving exploratory drilling will be subject to EIA legislation. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta Sra. Has the European External Action Service had any discussions with, or made any representations to, any members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation regarding its proposal for a UN Commission of Inquiry on abuses against the Rohingya in Burma?

With regard to guaranteeing the welfare of unweaned animals, does the Commission see any other possibilities aside from the reduction of transport times for unweaned animals, so that it would not be necessary to provide them with water or food during transit, e. The Commission may, in case of sufficient evidence of a systematic and general failure by a Member State to ensure the proper enforcement of EU legislation on transport of unweaned animals, start infringement proceedings to bring any incompliance to an end and, where necessary, may refer the case to the European Court of Justice.

The report concludes that this is mainly a consequence of inadequate checks at departure. The Commission will continue to closely monitor the situation and, in case of persistent non-compliance, will consider further actions as necessary. Instead, the Commission considers that it should focus on the proper enforcement of the existing legislation by Member States.

Objet: Perspectives d'avenir pour l'emploi des jeunes. La situation est tout aussi dramatique en Espagne, au Portugal et en Italie. The situation is no less dire in Spain, Portugal and Italy. According to Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, the unemployment rate among young adults in Europe now stands at In other words, a lost generation is emerging in Europe.

However, since Member States are still debating how to spend this money, the scheme will not be up and running before Can the Council confirm that Germany has offered to lend its support to those countries hardest hit by the crisis by helping them to incorporate elements of its model, which combines vocational education and training, into their national education systems? According to reports, the German Government plans to set up a new Central Office for International Educational Cooperation at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, which could send advisers to the crisis-stricken countries if needed.

What other initiatives does the Council have in the pipeline to help young people find jobs? The Council is not in a position to give an opinion on plans or initiatives taken by Member States. Can the Commission confirm that Germany has offered to lend its support to those countries hardest hit by the crisis by helping them to incorporate elements of its model, which combines vocational education and training, into their national education systems?

What other initiatives does the Commission have in the pipeline to help young people find jobs? With regard to the expected outcomes of ongoing bilateral cooperations, the Commission invites the honourable Member of Parliament to refer to the governments that signed the memorandum. Oggetto: Strage di oche nei pressi dell'aeroporto di Amsterdam. La Commissione non vede alcun motivo per non condividere le conclusioni raggiunte dal tribunale dei Paesi Bassi in merito all'assenza di misure alternative che potessero, nel breve termine, condurre all'auspicata riduzione del numero di volatili.

Does it not believe, therefore, that Schiphol Airport should follow the lead of many other international airports and employ modern technologies, such as radar systems designed to detect the presence of flocks of birds or sound instruments to deter them, or that it should change the crops around the airport so as to make the birds migrate peacefully, a tactic used at Heathrow Airport in London? Under the Birds Directive.

The Commission does not see a reason for disagreeing with the conclusion reached by the Dutch court on this point, that no alternative measures effectively leading to the desired reduction of numbers in the short term existed. Nel suo rapporto annuale, Amnesty International ha evidenziato i frequenti sgomberi forzati attuati in Brasile, soprattutto nella metropoli di Rio de Janeiro.

Di conseguenza, gli indigeni sono esposti a sgomberi improvvisi e perdono la loro casa senza essere a conoscenza delle alternative proposte dal governo. Sono attualmente in corso indagini per approfondire la conoscenza del fenomeno in questione? L'UE segue con la massima attenzione la questione degli sfratti, indipendentemente dal fatto che siano legati a grandi progetti infrastrutturali. Al riguardo sono state intentate diverse azioni giudiziarie dinanzi ai giudici brasiliani.

Fatta eccezione per il. In its annual report, Amnesty International has highlighted the frequent forced evictions carried out in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Consequently, the indigenous peoples are evicted without warning and lose their homes without being aware of the alternatives offered by the government. Are investigations currently under way to gain a better understanding of the situation in question? What foreign policy measures will the Commission take in order to put pressure on the Brazilian Government to stop this oppression?

A number of related legal actions have been presented to the Brazilian Courts. Apart from the. The EU has a continued dialogue with Brazil and its authorities on matters of human rights and social development. The Human Rights dialogue agenda is organised with the active involvement of Civil Society Organisations. Oggetto: Condanna di alcuni attivisti in Vietnam. Dopo che, lo scorso gennaio, il Tribunale di Vinh li aveva condannati a 13 anni di detenzione con l'accusa di sovversione, oggi solo quattro dei 14 attivisti cattolici colpevoli di utilizzare Internet hanno ottenuto una diminuzione della pena.

What pressure will the Commission bring to bear on third countries in order to ensure that they respect freedom of expression on the Internet? What data does it currently possess with regard to violations of freedom of thought on new media? Actions are channelled through a number of broader EU Human Rights instruments such as the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights that since provides specific funding for cyber-censorship projects to address violations of human rights using ICT; or through the development of EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression online and offline, including the protection of bloggers and journalists.

Compared to EU exports of Beef products increased firmly in and went down again in , although remaining above figures. This increase in exports is mainly due to a higher demand for live animals from Turkey, which became our first export market in and EU imports decreased slightly during this 3-year period mainly caused by lower shipments from Mercosur suppliers such as Brazil and Argentina. EU beef production came down from 7. The decrease in production figures is due to a declining cattle herd as well as a surge in exports of life animals.

Bulgarien hat als erstes Land den Entwurf einer Partnerschaftsvereinbarung vorgelegt. At the beginning of the month, the Commission concluded that, with regard to the project proposals for EU funding during the funding period, Romania had not met the minimum quality and credibility conditions.

The main problem seems to lie in numerous violations of rules relating to public invitations to tender. Are there any similar problems with other Member States that are eligible for aid, such as Bulgaria, for example?

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Following the shift in the use of EU funds towards regionalisation, to what extent does the Commission expect an improvement in the handling of EU funds? Difficulties encountered in the management of public procurement in the current period have been handled through a dedicated initiative, independent of the preparation of the next period. Regarding the preparation of the next period, all Member States are currently preparing draft programming documents. Bulgaria was the first to submit a draft partnership agreement.

The Romanian authorities have informed the Commission about their intention to allocate a significant amount of European Regional Development funding for future regional programmes. The Commission has noted the need for an appropriate design of the decentralisation reform, which needs to be justified by a solid analysis subsidiarity and preparation transfer of competences, financing mechanisms , as a condition for sustainability and effectiveness.

A process driven solely by the desire to decentralise the management of EU funds would not necessarily deliver the desired outcome of handling EU funds more efficiently. Mai zu entnehmen ist, steigt die Zahl der Asylbewerber in Deutschland drastisch an. Vor allem der Anteil von Russen steigt zunehmend an.

Auch die Zahl der Asylsuchenden aus Serbien ist wieder angestiegen. Allgemein wird diese Vorgehensweise als Missbrauch der Visafreiheit gewertet. Eine Einreise zahlt sich also nur mehr bedingt aus. Die Verordnung EG Nr. Mit der Verordnung soll u. The proportion of Russians in particular is continuing to increase. The asylum-seekers apply for asylum in Poland, but then travel on to Germany, where the social benefits are significantly higher and better than they are in Poland.

The number of asylum-seekers from Serbia has also increased again. Following the relaxation of visa requirements, these people enter the country as tourists and, once there, apply for asylum. This behaviour is generally regarded as abuse of the arrangements for visa-free travel. In addition, asylum applications from people from Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia are now being processed faster. The idea behind this is to ensure that the facilitator costs that the refugees have to pay are significantly higher than the social benefits that can be obtained in these short periods.

The financial rewards to be gained from entering the country are therefore more limited. The Commission is aware of the threats to the integrity of the visa-free travel regime with the Western Balkan countries arising from the abuse of this regime by a minority of travellers coming from those countries. This mechanism would be applied only as a temporary measure and could be triggered only in case of an emergency situation, namely when a Member State experiences a substantial and sudden increase in the number of irregular immigrants or asylum claims considered to be unfounded or abusive.

The European Parliament and the Council are still considering this proposal. The Commission hopes to see it formally adopted as soon as possible. One of its purposes is to prevent abuse of asylum procedures in the form of multiple asylum applications in various Member States.

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  • The underlying principle is that only one Member State should be responsible for an asylum application, and that is the State which played a major role in the entry or stay of the person on EU territory. Im Firmenbereich wird es zunehmend als Alternative zum Outsourcing verwendet. Bei Streitfragen ist der Server-Standort ausschlaggebend. Dabei kann sich der Nutzer derzeit bedauerlicherweise auch nicht auf Sicherheitszertifikate verlassen. Auch ist nicht gesetzlich geregelt, wer die Daten durchforsten darf. Ist eine rechtliche Regelung geplant, wer auf Servern, die sich auf dem Gebiet der EU befinden, Daten durchforsten darf?

    In der von der Kommission am Applications such as YouTube, eBay, Amazon and various email clients, as well as various smartphone functions, are now based on cloud computing. Private individuals use cloud computing primarily for storing photographs, music or electronic books. In the commercial sector, it is used increasingly as an alternative to outsourcing.

    When uploading to photo databases it is possible for rights to the content to be transferred. In the event of a dispute, the location of the server is the important factor. In this regard, regrettably, users cannot currently even rely on security certificates. The data stored in the cloud are usually distributed over many different servers, so that the user often does not know where the relevant server is located and what data protection rules apply.

    There is also no legislation governing who is permitted to search this data. Is the Commission aware of the data protection problems associated with cloud computing? Are there any plans at EU level to introduce uniform security certificates on which users can rely? Are there any plans for legislation governing who is permitted to search data on servers located within the EU? Mit den von der Kommission vorgeschlagenen Rechtsvorschriften, die dem GEAS zugrunde liegen, soll die Wahrscheinlichkeit verringert werden, dass Personen, die internationalen Schutz beantragen, z.

    Two years ago, the Council issued instructions for a common European asylum system to be in place by the end of In order to regulate minimum standards and responsibilities under asylum law throughout Europe, several legal instruments were revised. How much progress has already been made with regard to establishing a European asylum system? Each instrument has a different implementation deadline therefore it will still take a few years before all of the new provisions are applied in full.

    The Commission believes that the CEAS will lead to a greater similarity of outcomes for asylum applications. The legislation underpinning the Common European Asylum System was proposed by the Commission with a view to decreasing the likelihood that applicants for international protection would choose one Member State over another because of the quality of provisions such as reception conditions or of differences in the probability of being granted international protection. The Commission has also put in place solidarity measures to assist Member States facing particular pressures on their asylum systems.

    The Commission intends to commence with an annual Relocation Forum to help Member States determine whether it would be appropriate to relocate beneficiaries of international protection from another Member State facing a pressurised situation. Am Themenschwerpunkte des Treffens waren u. Cyber Crime, Urheberschutzrechte und Terrorismus. Welche Ergebnisse bzw.